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Alpine Ski Master is a wonderful game for fans of winter sports at Practice your skiing skill and head off to the finish line. Move like a real pro. Slippery slopes and frozen roads are waiting for you on  Alpine Ski Master game of frib games. Take your skis and subdue dangerous tracks. Take care!

The Alpine Ski Master is a riveting sports game. There are two modes: single player mode and multiplayer mode. You choose what you want to play in. you decide to sign up to play online or play in the local database. Then, you take a part of a skier. You begin as a hurricane. Get started with track 1. We have various tracks in frib games for free. Each track has its own name. Track 1 is Arosa. Track 3 is Secret Garden. Distance bar and energy bar tell you important information.

You ski on the snowy tracks. Move fast and flexibly. Get coins and boosters on the way. Avoid big rocks or jump over them. Don’t crash into two fences. You can upgrade your character if you complete levels. For example, when you complete tracks to unlock team, you become an Alpine wolf. After completing track 4, you can be a dapper legend. There are many achievements to gain. You can collect 10 energy boosters at the easy level or collect 20 coins to have a payday on frib games online. You will be a winner if you win a multiplayer match at the medium level. Unlock Innichen ski track at the hard level.

We create a Leaderboard so that players can see their rank and personal best score.  After you finish a track, your position, time, level score, best time, and the total score will be shown on the screen. We let you know that you win or lose the game. When you are defeated, you can replay and conquer that track again. If you are the winner, you shall continue to ski on the next track.   

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  • Use arrows to turn right, turn left and break.
  • Use R key to reset.
  • Use Space to boost.
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