Among Robots


Among Robots GamePlay:

The platformer games are always enjoyable and great to play. That’s why here at friv online Games, we always update the platformer category with new additions, and Among Robots is the latest one. You will meet Among robot who is in hurry to go home. However, it’s in trouble because it has lost the key. You are here to help this robot find and pick up all the keys, then go home safely. The game features 8 levels and the challenging level increases as you advance.

Each level requires you to collect a certain number of keys and reach the door to unlock the next stage. So to clear a level, you have to fulfill two requirements. Firstly, collect all the keys. Secondly, reach the door. You have 5 lives on each level and each time you hit an enemy or an obstacle, you lose a life and you can’t earn extra lives later on. However, be careful with spikes because once you hit spikes, you run out of 5 lives and have to restart that level.

Here at, if you find this game too easy, you can make this game more challenging by setting a new rule. For example, complete each level without losing a life. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It seems that the game with 8 levels is short but it’s more than enough to give you a great gaming time. You can need to restart a level a few times until you can conquer it.

After finishing it, you can start other fun games available for free here such as Small's Flying Froglets and Snowboard Girl. More games are coming and our game collection is updated every day.

Controls: Arrow keys.

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