Animal Life Cycle


Animal Life Cycle GamePlay:

Kids can learn and play at the same time with some enjoyable and educational games. At Friv puzzle games, you can find tons of games for kids and Animal Life Cycle is one of them. This game is about the life of different animals from some well-known classes that have 3 stages in their life cycle: fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles. Each level offers a kind of animal and 3 pictures represented for 3 stages. Your mission is to place these 3 pictures in the order in their life cycle. It may be difficult for young kids, so parents can play with them and help them around.

Kids can rely on some aspects such as the size and their features. For example, a butterfly will a through 4 stages to grow up into an adult: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. However, this game just mentions 3 stages of a butterfly. Or like an elephant, you will learn how to arrange pictures from baby to adult by looking at their size and another recognizable feature is the pair of tusks. Young elephants have no tusks and adults have a pair of long tusks.

On, here's how you differentiate the developmental stages of each animal. This game is simple but very rewarding and highly educational. Instead of letting the kids play shooting or action games, what about a game full of knowledge like this. They can experience great gaming time and learn about the life of animals at the same time.

The animal world is always a big attraction for both adults and kids. So check it out. More fun games are waiting for you on our site. Check Adopt a Pet Jigsaw and Slimoban right now or the next time you visit.


Use your mouse to play all pictures in order.

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