Anja GamePlay:

A real challenge has come to friv Games for boys. Do you have what it takes to beat this challenge? It looks super simple but it can make you disappointed in yourself. You need dexterity and perseverance to play this game. It’s called Anja. Keeping the ball afloat all the time is your main mission. You click or tap to make the ball move up slowly through every obstacle. The barriers vary in structure and the way they move. When you don’t take action, the ball automatically falls.

With an obstacle that you pass successfully, you get 1 point, and gaining the highest points is your main goal here. Honestly, you can hardly pass 3 points in the first play. You need to spend time practicing to get familiar with the controls and gameplay. The more you play, the better you’re. This is a kind of game that either makes you give up after a few attempts or keep playing. You can find so many games that have such a vibe at and each can drive you crazy in a different way.

As mentioned above, you need to be patient to lead the ball. Mastering the frequency of touches and clicks is the key to getting a high score and to become a master, you may have to play several times. Don’t give up too soon. Just replay and you may fall in love with it. That’s all about this super simple and challenging game. Play it and tell us your feeling. If it’s not your choice, you know that you always find your favorite games in our collection, right?

More additions are coming. Stay tuned and visit our site every day to enjoy new games. Some of the best options for you are Home Pipe Water and Virus Hit.

Controls: Touch or mouse.

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