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Bike Trials: Wasteland is full of bumpy tracks and modern vehicles at If you are snowed under with work, this is a suitable way to chill out. Do you love racing games? Join and enjoy! Bike Trials: Wasteland game makes players feel over the moon in friv unblocked in school. Pick your favorite vehicle and get started!


You are a driver of Bike Trials: Wasteland free game. You wear a red sports suit and a red helmet. It’s necessary to choose a motorbike to control in Vehicle Select part. There are 5 motorbikes.  One bike is red; one is blue, and one is brown. Three bikes are black on friv unblocked at school games. They have different design and speed. The game supplies 5 four-wheel bikes. One is red, one is blue, one is green, one is black and the last one is beige. They have separate design and speed too.


The game has 20 levels to pass. You have to complete them one by one. In level 1, you have to overcome many obstacles. Go down stair at friv unblocked at school free, jump over a hurdle, climb up a bumpy rocky mountain, go down, overcome a slide and rocky mountain. Continue to go up a hill, go up a stair and pass through lots of obstructions. The distance from the start to finish is 309m. Try your best to finish the track.


We record the time you play. Try to reach the finish line in the shortest time to achieve cups. You can get maximum 3 cups in friv unblocked at school online game. Prove you are a master of races. Keep plugging! Stay balanced or you will fall. If you fall, you will lose your life. The game restarts automatically and brings you back the checkpoint where you fail. The terrains are diversified and challenging. Make spectacular stunts to sharpen your driving skill.


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  • Use arrows to control the vehicle.


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