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A game of Casual Checkers can be a good choice for the fans of puzzle games who are looking for a game with a bit of brain-wrecking gameplay and elaborated rules. Casual Checkers online game bears the classic rules and gameplay of American Checkers and there are not many differences between this virtual version and the real version. The goal is to be the last one standing by creating a checkmate or capture all of the opponents' pieces.

First, learn the rules and the basic gameplay from the training option and tutorial of this Friv game. Make your moves first or second base on the color that you picked. White pieces go first, while the black pieces start off secondly. You need to think constantly throughout the steps of the match and try to outsmart the computer. Keep in mind that this game has the rules of American Checkers or Draughts. Go easy with the Easy game mode if you are a beginner, then get your way up with medium and hard modes. If you haven't been very confident with your skills, you can choose which sides you are, which will in return affect the order of the steps.

Taking the first step will be beneficial and give that player a specific advantage, however, the other player can easily outwit him or her throughout the game. Take your pick among the 3 different themes that this game provides. Be smart and creative in your way of placing your pieces to create the forced captures or to change the pieces by reaching the end of another side of the board.

This free game from comes with a simple and soothing theme and is suitable for both adults and children. Dive into more games of chess, mahjong, and other types with games like Tour Of The Santa Claus.


Use the left mouse to choose the pieces and move them.

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