image GamePlay: is a fun and enjoyable game about Christmas and fishing. Here at Friv Land, you will dress up as the fisherman and you are not going to catch the fish today but Christmas items. Yes, all fish species in the ocean are Christmas candies, ornaments, and gifts right now. Catching as many Christmas items as possible is your main objective in this game. Let's sail out to sea and fish immediately.

This game is easy and simple but fun to play. This can be played every day, especially on Christmas and both kids and adults can enjoy it. To be clear, the game is all about fishing and upgrading and these actions will be repeated. Instead of controlling the character, you control the hook. When the hook is dropped, it will go to your current depth limit.

On, you move the hook around to get the Christmas gifts, candies, and other items floating in the water. However, it doesn’t that all those items will be stuck into the hook when the hook goes through them. You can catch only 3 items at first. To catch more items each time, you have to upgrade the bucket size. Besides, to increase the value of each item you get, you need to upgrade their price. And did you know that there are many unique items located in deeper water?

Let’s upgrade the depth to reach deeper. Sometimes, you will see a diamond around, make sure you collect it before it goes away. Collect Christmas items to earn money, use the money to upgrade the bucket size, depth, and price to earning more money. You got it, right? Have fun and good luck! Make sure you check out more options as amazing as this one such as Dodge The Tower and


Use your mouse to control the hook.

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