Combat Strike Multiplayer


Combat Strike Multiplayer GamePlay:

Combat Strike Multiplayer is the 3D fps game with guns everywhere after a map. If you like 3D shooting game, come here and try Combat Strike Multiplayer.

Its REAL FRIV MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAME you create your team and play with your friends Blue and Red team if you want solo deathmatch mode is ready for you .

You kill critical strike damage to enemies. We will add portable chat button and ccr improve game You must get hit counter strike for your revenge when you are dead.

Call your friends and start your fighting. In this game you can choose the room you want to come in and kill your opponents using your gun.

Time is limited, the team can kill more people will win this game. Its Real Multiplayer Online Game. If you like shooting games, you will love the cool Combat Strike 2 game - Free Android Apps and Games at


Left click to shoot

Right click to aim

Left Shift to run

Press R to reload

Spacebar to jump

WASD or arrows to move

Scroll wheel to change weapons

Press P to show the menu

Press Esc to show your cursor

Multiplayer mode extra controls: 1 2 3 to change weapons

Press C to crouch

F to supply extra bullets in the box.