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Disney Princess Korea Vacation is a journey of three girls to a breath-taking country. Visit Friv.land. Three princesses are feeling blue. They want to go somewhere spectacular to refresh. Girls made a decision to go on a trip to South Korea. Explore Disney Princess Korea Vacation game of friv.co.


Disney Princess Korea Vacation free game is quite great. Three noble girls, Elsa, Anna, and Moana, are close friends. Elsa wonders which destination of the summer vacation they will go to. Anna suggests that they should go to South Korea. Moana totally agrees with Anna’s idea in friv.co games. They take a visit to the wonderful country.


They will be well-dressed to take gorgeous pictures. Moana will have long wavy hair, curly shoulder-length hair, wavy hair with a blue ring, and braided hair. She wears a white tee shirt with jeans, a black short dress, a colorful dress, a white tee shirt with denim shorts, and a brown dress. The princess may select white high heels, white sneakers, red sneakers, blue high heels or black sneakers at friv.co free games.


Elsa selects a hairstyle from straight long hair, braided bangs hair, braided long hair, tied hair, and curly hair. She puts on a pink hoodie with a white skirt, a long orange dress, a short yellow dress with green polka dots, a short white dress, and a strapped green tank top with a denim long skirt on friv.co player games. Choose a pair of high heels or sneakers. She will hold a handbag or wear a mane or sunglasses. Anna also dresses up and selects a handbag. Choose a place to photograph pictures. They go to the park, old palace, night street or Namsan tower.


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