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Normally, most IO games offer a PvP mode, in which each player competes for each other to become the winner, but in this new IO game at friv Games play called Drednot.io, you will unite with other players and together defeat monsters. How great it is. It’s a team-based multiplayer IO game allows you to fight and craft at the same time.

You and players from around the world work in a team and each control a turret armed with cannons and try to kill as many monsters as possible. On http://m.friv.land, to start the game, you type your favorite name and create a team or join an existing team. After that, the combat begins. You control your turret move around and take advantage of terrain as the cover to hide to avoid your enemies.

This is a team based game where players don’t kill each other but the player defeats the most monsters and has the highest score is the winner. Make sure you fight actively to shoot down as many monsters as you can to become a true conqueror. Besides, you can enhance your turret by upgrading your character, creating different kinds of items like ammo, ladders, repair tools and more.

It plays an important role in helping you survive. The round shaped monsters are crowded and powerful, so plan a wise strategy to defend and attack effectively to win the battle. Good luck and have fun! New IO games are regularly updated, so don’t forget to check out the new ones on our sites such as Raids .io and Knifez .io.

Controls: Arrow keys/WASD to move, mouse to take and use items, Space to jump, Q to drop items.

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