Elsa New Room Design


Elsa New Room Design GamePlay:

Elsa New Room Design is an amazing game in Friv.land. You take a visit to a new house of Elsa. She has bought a new villa. However, she has no idea about its decoration. Give her assistance. You change color and furniture of two rooms and the yard. This Elsa New Room Design game cheers you up on friv games. Jazz them up!


Elsa New Room Design free game is a girl game at our site. Elsa has built a new house. She doesn’t know how to decorate it. You assist her to design it. Decorate her bedroom firstly. Change the floor design. You can choose patterns such as stars or square tiles at friv games online. Select a color from red, pink, orange, and lavender. Take a small table to put the lamp on it. Rugs have various shapes, sizes, and patterns.


Change the bed. You can pick pillows and blankets. They have green, white, pink and blue color. Hang a curtain and put a new lamp on the table. Put a flower vase and pot on another table. Do you like roses, carnations, tulips or dahlias? Purchase new pieces of furniture for the living room. Change the color and pattern of the wallpaper and floor. You can hang pictures, a screen or shelf on the wall. Change the window’s curtain and chandelier of friv games 2018. Buy a new nice sofa, armchair, and table.


Design the yard by building a roof and grow a spectacular kind of flower. Select beautiful flower pots and a good rug. Place a sofa or some chairs. Sofas include a white sofa with some cushions, a white-black sofa, and a brown sofa. Build a fence and choose a table.

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How to play:
•    Use the mouse to play.