Ever Wing


Ever Wing GamePlay:

Ever Wing is a simple shooting game and you may find its name sound familiar, right? It is inspired by the original game with the same name and it also has the same gameplay. Here at friv com Games play, you control your guardian and sidekicks to defeat an endless horde of monsters. It has super easy gameplay and control mechanisms. Therefore, everyone can play, even kids. All you need to do is to move your guardian around to shoot at monsters and avoid them. Your guardian automatically shoots. You don’t have to activate any skills.

Your mission is to shoot down as many monsters as you can but your ultimate objective is to get the highest score. Defeating multiple monsters does not directly increase your score. However, each killed monster will drop a gem, and gems give your scores. So, collect gems to set a record in terms of score in this fun shooting game. Besides, collect gems also seem to make you stronger. Then, you shoot with higher damage.

On https://friv.land/, attack and defense are both important. You should dodge monsters to keep your life safe. If you touch them, you lose HP and die. Start all over again is what you do next. You can skip some monsters. Let’s them live and it’s ok. It doesn’t affect your performance. This game is just simple like that. Simple doesn’t mean boring. You will find joy in that simplicity.

Many games are also made up of simple concepts and they attract a lot of players. This one is such a game. Shoot at monsters to defeat them until your last breath. When you need to rest, check out other fun games such as Secret Sniper Agent 13 and Miners Adventure.

Instructions: Mouse to move.

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