Farmer Challenge Party


Farmer Challenge Party GamePlay:

The farmers' competitive pressure begins with the Farmer Challenge Party game in two player mode! At friv Games for boys, there are four paragraphs in this war: chicken pick struggle, processing facility and grow crops, vegetable genocides, and fishing. In every one of these chapters, you must outmatch your competitor.

Hit egg components to spawn animals, collect them, but instead position them in your area on the Chickens level. Avoid and use explosive blocks. You should plant and harvest more than your friend at the Farms level. You can also harvest someone friend's plants. Pick vegs from the ground and shoot your friend with a rocket launcher in the Vegetables level. Catch as much fish than your roommate at the Fishery level. In each level, the speaker who scores 10 initially wins this same challenging problem. Much fun!

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Player 1: Use the WASD to move & S to Action

Player 2: Use the Arrow keys to move & DOWN ARROW to action

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