Fastlane Road To Revenge Online


Fastlane Road To Revenge Online GamePlay:

We need a great driver to drive the car through the rain of bullets and reach the destination in Fastlane Road To Revenge Online game! Friv land brings you Fastlane Road To Revenge Online as a combination of a shooting and action game. Let's call some friends to enjoy together in your playtime at friv com school!


Fastlane Road To Revenge Online is one of the most famous car shooting games from Friv land 2018. If you are a fan of shooting and dodging bullets while driving at a high speed, this is the perfect choice for you. Each player will have his or her own car to start the missions. For each round, you need to make sure that you accomplish all the requirements.


There is a variety of tasks, ranging from destroying the other cars, collecting the money to driving through the required length. While driving, don't forget to shoot the enemy since it's the only way you can collect the coins to upgrade your car later. When you first hit the road, it's very tempting to switch back and forth between all five lanes.


However, for new players in Friv land, we recommend that you should focus on two or three lanes only. After you have learned the patterns and the movement of the game, you can drive freely. Knowing the patterns will be an advantage as you can predict and avoid the bullets more easily. As you reach the high levels, this Friv land game will speed up, which gives you less time to react. So how can you keep up with the challenges? Stay focus to keep the momentum and win the game!


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How to play:

  • Hold the mouse to shoot and drag to move.
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