Fidget spinner: 4 players game


Fidget spinner: 4 players game GamePlay:

Consider yourself the world's best Spinner player? To get to the top ranking with your absolute favourite Fidget Hand Spinner, you must stay competitive against four opposition on the same computer monitor and accomplish the highest score!  This game is freely available, regardless of the Fidget Hand Spinner you choose: plastic, steel, gold, titanium, carbone...

The gameplay is extremely simple and enjoyable. When you pressing the button, your toy spins automatically and goes straight in one direction to push other players. The objective of the game at Friv online games free is to drive other players outside of the circle and achieve the highest score possible. You get 2 points for each player you push outside. You lose overall score for each time you have always been pushed outside of the circle. Get mentally prepared, set, and SPIN!!!! Get ready, set, and SPIN!

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Push the others Fidget Hand Spinner out of the circle in this multiplayers game.

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