Fidget Spinner Extreme


Fidget Spinner Extreme GamePlay:

You shall be as happy as Larry when playing Fidget Spinner Extreme of Looking at spinning toy may remove depression and worries. Break your records and set new ones. You will play with the time. You spin in the very short time. Fidget Spinner Extreme game tickles players pink on fffriv. Pull your finger out!


Fidget Spinner Extreme free game is an amusing game on our site. You are given a fidget which is a popular toy recently. It includes red, black and white color. It has three hands and it can spin. Your mission is making it rotates fast in the limited time at fffriv game.


You choose your time firstly. That will be the duration you spin your tool. We provide four durations. They are 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, and 30 seconds. How long can you spin your fidget? The Rpm max in four durations is unlimited. Choose your control. Do you want to use arrows or mouse? Now let’s go in fffriv player game.


You see a high score clock which shows your score. The faster you spin, the higher score you get. You must click the mouse or press arrows continuously so that the fidget rotates in a row. Don’t waste any seconds. A clock counts down your time. You can select the duration for each turn. We record the number of your spins. Try your best to maximize the number of spins on fffriv online game.


The game records the best Rpm max. While you play, your Rpm and Rpm max are shown on the screen. A red bar refers the Rpm max and the blue bar shows Rpm. The total spin is saved. The number of spins increases. This game requires the speed and quick reaction.


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  • Use the mouse or left/right arrows to play.
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