Flying Fat Man


Flying Fat Man GamePlay:

Flying Fat Man is a side-scroller game just like the famous Flappy Bird. It has the same gameplay and you can play both games at You control the Fat man, attempting to fly between sticky green pipes without hitting them. These pipes have gaps placed at random heights. Fat man needs to fly up and down constantly to go through the gaps.

Each time you pass a pair of pipes, you get 1 point and your ultimate objective here is to get as many points as you can to set a record. Then, you can break it and set a new one. If you have played Flappy Bird before, this game has no different in gameplay. However, what a relief, the control is much easier when you play this game on the computer. Instead of clicking, you use up and down arrow keys to control Fat man.

Besides, Fat man won’t automatically descend like the little bird. He just flies up and down according to your control. This helps you easily act as you want. However, it doesn’t mean you will go through the gaps perfectly all the time. The tricky part of this Friv Land game is that the gaps are placed in random heights. You will experience a few situations like a gap at the top and a gap at the bottom. That makes you have to quickly change the flying height of Fat man.

If Fat man hits the pipes, he dies and there is no second chance to continue the journey. Good luck and have a safe flying trip. After that, conquer more challenges in Squid Game Running Mobile and Candy Monster

Instructions: Up and arrow keys to play.

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