Go Ball


Go Ball GamePlay:

If you feel blue, you should play Go Ball of Friv.land. This game is a splendid way to wake up the brain and quick reaction. You control the direction of balls to let them fall through hoops. Several new hurdles are ahead. Make use of the smartness to reach the last level of Go Ball game. Have fun with best friv games.


Go Ball free game is based on basketball which is a popular sport in the world. Imagine you play as a professional player. Practice to make dunks and shoot the ball through the hoop. This is a single-player game which is played for free in browsers like safari and chrome. You are able to play this game on smartphone and tablet. Go to best friv games online.


What will you have to do to win this game? You must complete all levels to win it. It’s not easy to win the whole stages. You see a basketball hoop. There is a green diamond hovering in it. A ball is flying too. Your mission is getting the ball through the ring and collecting the gem. The ball falls freely. Draw lines to direct the ball in best friv games 2018. You use a pencil to draw lines.


The more levels you get, the more challenges you face. At first, there is only one hoop and one ball. However many things shall change. You must control two balls to let them fall into two hoops. A red ring will appear. The ball rebounds when it touches the red ring. Bombs prevent you from making dunks on best friv games for school. You are given points if you make successful dunks. Sometimes hoops change their position. They move to get you in trouble. When you have enough an amount of scores, you can buy a new ball from the shop.


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  • Use the mouse to play.