GunBlood Remastered


GunBlood Remastered GamePlay:

You exchange shot with several enemies on GunBlood Remastered of It’s time to fire. Hold the revolver tight and shoot exactly. The key to success is maximum speed. You must launch bullets faster than rivals. GunBlood Remastered game uplifts players in friv for school 2018. Head off to the Wild West.


GunBlood Remastered free game is an action game. You choose a gunslinger. There are ten characters including 2 cowboys, 1 cowboy girl, 1 bald man, one hip-hop man, one red hair girl, and so on. You start the gunfight. You will fight in 9 rounds. In the first round, the difficulty is 20%. At friv for school 2018 games, you travel to the Far West and combat like a real cowboy.


You have a gun and bullets. You duel with one opponent in each round. You have 6 bullets in the chamber. The game counts down from 3 to 1. In those 3 seconds, you must point at the chamber. You must fire immediately. Shoot faster than the enemy. Kill the rival before you are shot. Maybe one of two fighters dies or both die. If your life is taken away, you can restart. If you win, you see accuracy bonus, speed bonus, life bonus, and total score. You go to the next level on friv for school 2018 player games.


A green bar shows your health. When if you are shot, you are injured and the health reduces. You die as soon as the bar runs out of green color. Use 6 bullets effectively. You are able to have bonus rounds. For example, after you win round 2, you can shoot bottles in the bonus round 1. Don’t shoot the assistant. The difficulty increases through rounds.  


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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