Hoop Star


Hoop Star GamePlay:

Hoop Star is the latest sports game on Friv sport games. It’s about basketball and you won’t play basketball as usual. This game will teach you a new way to play basketball. Are you curious about it? Let’s get started. In most basketball games, you throw the ball to the basketball ring to earn scores, right. It has changed here. You will move the basketball ring around to catch the balls that are coming to you.

This gameplay sounds much easier than normal but it’s not. You can’t guess the upcoming ball will drop in which position. So you have to pay attention and be ready all the time to react and catch all the balls. Move the ring sideways and make every ball drop to it. And see how many balls you can catch. Your main objective here is to get the highest scores. To reach that goal, you have to catch as many balls as you can.

On https://m.friv.land/, you just have 3 chances to make mistake. It means you can miss 3 balls. If you lose any balls after that, you lose. Make various combos by having perfect catches to earns bonuses and raise your score. Easy to play but hard to master, you can’t earn a high score for the first few times. By playing over and over, your performance will improve and you can set a record, then break it.

This basketball with new gameplay is sure to bring you a refreshing experience that you’re looking for because many games look like each other. Catch all the balls, unlock new skins, and become a hoop star. Have fun and check out other choices on our site. Some suggestions for you are Egg Helix and Cristiano Ronaldo KicknRun.


Use your mouse to move the hoop.