Icy Purple Head 3. Super Slide


Icy Purple Head 3. Super Slide GamePlay:

Icy Purple Head 3. Super Slide is a super fun game in which you will embark on a winter adventure. Temperature is dropped down. People tend to stay in their cozy homes but Purple Head is different. He wants to go out. Here at Friv Land, do you want to join him? Transform, slide, and make use of all available tools to go through a series of obstacles and end up at the finish line safely. You do that by using a simple control mechanism. Just by tapping or clicking your mouse, your character will move forward and reach whatever target position you want.

However, it just sounds easy, but when you put it into practice, you will sweat a lot because your character won’t appear at the position that it supposes to be. However, by playing several times, you will get familiar with the control and you can take the accurate steps. On https://friv.land/, there are 30 levels but they aren’t divided separately. It seems 30 levels are the whole adventure that has only one starting point and one finish point. You won’t reach the exit on each level. Your main objective is to reach the exit at level 30.

Besides, the end of a stage is marked with a checkpoint. Passing a checkpoint means you complete a level and if you hit any obstacles and die, you will respawn in the latest checkpoint. To pass the obstacles, you have to use all objects you have and take advantage of your special ability. Do you know that you have a unique ability?

You can turn into an ice cube to easily slide or turn into normal form to stick to the platforms. Switch between 2 forms to finish this adventure. Also, make sure you check out other options such as Mango Mania and Run Royale 3D.


Hold your mouse to slide, release to turn into the normal form, and stick.

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