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Idiots Win is a simple but funny game on You will relax your mind, have some happy moments and release all stress when playing this game. The free Idiots Win game is one of the good ways to challenge your brain and have fun in friv 5. Don’t hesitate! What about trying it right now!

Idiots Win seems so easy to start playing. It is a one-player puzzle game. Do you know Google? Have you ever searched for something on Google? This game is based on Google Search tool which is really familiar to everyone. You don’t have to hit the books to win this game at friv 5 player game. Just guess the most reasonable answer! You will find what Google’s top results for topics are. It is essential for you to make use of logical thinking so that you can guess what people usually look for on the internet.  

We provide a white box in which a phrase will be written. Five answers will appear below the phrase. For example, we write the phrase “can human”, then five sentences will appear below “can human” on friv 5 online game. You must choose the sentence most people search for. Is it easy?

Your answers are rated by the game. We have five levels: perfect, great, okay, bad and failure. If you choose the right answer for the first time, you will get one point at the perfect level.  Try your best to gain points at perfect level as many as possible in friv 5 free game!

If you think that our game is fascinating, please introduce it to your friends. All your comments and rating are warmly welcomed. Play many other amusing games such as WikiHow Game, Master Checkers and Sudoku G8 at Let’s face all questions!   

How to play:

Use the mouse to choose the right answers.

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