Jewel Dash


Jewel Dash GamePlay:

Jewel Dash is a great combination of gold miner and match- puzzle game in which you have to pass some milestones that the game sets. At friv com Games play, these milestones are built up by scores. It means you have to play several stages to earn scores until you get enough score to pass a specific milestone and keep going with the next one. Each time you pass a milestone, the gold miner takes one step. The gameplay of this game is about matching a group of more than 3 identical items.

You just have to click on the groups of more than 3 identical items to collect them. You can see 1 bar at the bottom and 1 bar at the top of the game board. One bar shows the time you have and with the other, if it's full, you'll get double the score each time you click on a group of the same items. It will fill up quickly if you continuously collect groups of more than 4 or 5 of the same items.

At that moment, you have to quickly collect gems to double your score before that firing time runs out. It just lasts for a few seconds. On, the game won’t reveal the score of each milestone. If you pass the current one, the next one will be uncovered. As you advance, you can unlock some power-ups that help you a lot during the game such as a bomb will blow up all items around it or 3 rainbow items will create a random power-up, and so on.

Immerse in the world of gems and be careful because the shining gems will dazzle you and make you forget about what you have to do. Enjoy and check out other options such as Symmetry Challenge and Adam And Eve Night.


Use left click to collect gems.

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