LegoCraft GamePlay:

LegoCraft of definitely cracks you up. Do you love Lego game? This game is inspired by Lego jigsaws. You go to a fictitious universe and set up a new world. LegoCraft game gives players a chance to fuel the creativity and knuckle down. It’s essential to stick to diligence in friv 4 school 1000 games.


LegoCraft free game is so amusing on our website. You will become a miner, founder or creator. The minecraft is made of many materials such as soil, plants, grass, rock, and so on. This world is different from the real world. It consists of countless blocks on friv 4 school 1000 games online. Kinds of material are performed in shape of blocks. You click Play button to start the game. The game automatically generates terrain. You don’t create any terrain. Instead of, you change it.


How to can you alter this land? You shall destroy and build. You will go around and begin with a random block. Choose one and click on to damage it. It blows up and another block appears. This block is another material. If you focus on blocks at friv 4 school 1000 games player, you realize layers of terrain. Each material has one separate color. The colors are green, brown, yellow, and gray.


You dig tunnels, collapse hills, build structures and plant trees or flowers even. Construct your own kingdom. You can walk, jump or fly if you want. Move freely because you are the only human in this world.


Explore by yourself! Comment on this game and rate it with many stars. Share it with companions to play together. Look for minecraft games such as Mine Clone 3, Miocraft, and Minecraft World 2 at



  • Use WASD/cursor keys and mouse to move.
  • Use Space to jump and 1-9 to select items.
  • Use left and right mouse to mine and place items.
  • Use T to throw items and C to add trees.
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