Lord of the Knights


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Lord of the Knights is a castle defense game in which a horde of living skeletons attacks the knight's fortress. In game, you must fight for your subjects but instead defend your castle. In this exhilarating shooting game at friv Games for boys, take on the armor of an appreciative lord and fight an army of skeleton warriors. The Lord stands guard over his city, armed with a powerful crossbow, protected by strong armor, and in command of an army. While a swarm of skeleton warriors approaches, he is the only one who can fight them.

In the game, you can help the knight kill his grotesque enemies by going to aim the giant crossbow at them. All through the game, the knight can gain access to new attacks and power upgrades. Much fun!

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To fire at the enemies, touch/click them. Lead this valiant warrior and defeat your enemies to ensure the safety of your citizens. Make good use of your abilities!

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