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Warning! This game is not for kids and who scares of something related to blood. This game is for those who dare to surpass themselves. Welcome you to Lucky Life at Friv Games. Let’s have a test to find out you are a lucky person or not. The test is simple to understand but hard to pass. If you dare to come here and play this game, let’s dig in.

All you need to do is to go through tons of dangers at each level until you reach the red flag. The red flag is the exit that marks your success in the current level and it brings you to the next round. Basically, you control a character who is a normal person like you in real life. He is not a hero and he has no power. As mentioned above, you have to guide him to go through several traps and obstacles in each level at all costs. Walk slowly, jump, and crouch to avoid hit the obstacles and lose your life.

On, each stage is filled with saws, knives, arrows, thrones, spikes, and all items that are designed to hurt you and take your life. Be aware of them by taking action carefully and accurately. Just a little mistake can send you to the world of death. If you step on spikes or a saws hit any parts of your body by accident, you may lose a leg, an arm, or you may die right away. You don’t want to see that part for sure. It’s quite terrifying and cruel.

That’s why this game is not for kids and cowardly people. Break a leg and keep your whole body complete to play other games on our site such as Blocky Sharpshooter and Leave Me Alone.


Use arrow keys to walk, jump, and crouch.

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