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Minecraft Block Match is a matching game at Friv.land. You gravitate towards colorful marbles. Wrack your nerve and make missions done. Don’t be in a hurry! Don’t waste moves! Hang around Minecraft Block Match game of friv unblocked for school to enjoy merry moments. Boast about your crowning achievements.

Minecraft Block Match free game is a good game for your brain. You calculate steps to not use up moves. You play on a board which is divided into cells. There are blocks on them. Several kinds of blocks show up. In friv unblocked for school games, you have blocks in shape of soil with some grass, gold cube, chest, rock, and white-black cube. 

When you click lines or groups of same blocks, they will disappear. New blocks replace them. The game has several levels. In each stage, you finish a target. You must destroy 3 kinds of blocks with different quantity on friv unblocked for school free. In level 1, the target is removing 5 white blocks, 5 brown blocks, and 5 yellow blocks. Sometimes grenades which may blow up turn up. Use them to eliminate many blocks at the same time.

Another mission is to collect bonuses including crystal stones, bombs, locks, and magic bottles of rainbow-like water. The bonuses appear on the board while you play. Click on them to get them. Your bonuses are displayed on the screen at online games friv unblocked for school. You know how many bonuses you possess. The game does not ask you to finish a level in the limited time. However, you just play with limited moves like 35 moves. You are given stars if you complete the level with good result. The fewer moves you use, the more stars you have. 

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  • Use the mouse to click blocks.
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