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Monster Adventure is sight for sore eyes at You embark on a journey and find the way to the finish line. That is a purple line which leads you to your old friend. Monster Adventure game delights you in hfriv. It lets you take a visit to weird land. Be careful with every step! Don’t distract! Don’t fall down!


Monster Adventure free game is available now on our website. You get lost in a mysterious underworld who human race do not live. Only monsters exist there. Your character is a small monster. You are blue and have one eye. Don’t worry! That does not affect the ability of jumping. Your mission on hfriv games is to make good jumps and reunite with your robotic friend in the finish line. 


You stand on a bar and jump on other bars. If you fail to jump, you will fall down and lose your life. You have only one life. When you die, you respawn and start a new game. You can get gold stars on the way. They lie on bars. You get maximum 3 stars. Bars float in the air. Their height and length are separate at hfriv player games. Move and jump cleverly to land on them exactly. 


There are twelve levels in this game. You begin with level 1. You must complete them one by one. Pass the first level to open the second level. Setting and objects in every level are different. As a result, challenges change and you never get bored. In the level 1, you are in a village near the forest. There are 4 bars of hfriv online games. You jump on the second bar, get a star, jump down 2 times and get the finish line. In the level 2, you are in a mountainous area where there are volcanoes, big stones, and a small lake. You jump down a bar and take a star. One piece of the bar vanishes and you are able to jump down the target bar. 


We hope that you will have the victory at all levels. Explore interesting things in the game of Play other games including Cut the Rope: Time travel and Cut The Rope: Magic. Share them with friends and relatives. Rate them highly. Leave comments on our website.



  • Use the arrows to play.
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