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Match-3 puzzle games are never old. They are still one of the most-played genres at Friv games. Players of all ages love to play this type of game because it's rich in levels, easy in gameplay, and simple in control mechanism. You are a great adventure, right? Then, let's embark on a new adventure in Montezuma Gems - a new match-3 game that gives you a different flavor compared to other choices that you have played.

It has familiar gameplay but it doesn't mean that you will easily get bored. Instead, you can't wait to uncover all the mysterious pyramids here for sure. Now, let's start. Your ultimate objective is to against the Montemuma warriors and collects as many gems as you can. To make it, you use the match-3 swapping mechanic. You swap the position of 2 gems to create a group of more than 3 identical gems to collect it.

On, look at the left side of your screen and you can see your progress. You have to fulfill that bar to complete each level and you have to do it within a certain amount of them. As you level up, the warriors are harder to beat. But don't worry because you will get help from many power-ups that appear randomly. Instead of creating these special items by yourself like in other match-3 games, they're available and you just need to wait until they appear to make use of them.

Be ready all the time because you don't know what awaits you in the later levels in this brand new match-3 game. Enjoy your journey and don't forget to start new adventures with other choices of games such as Survive Alone and Rope Slash 2.

How to play:

Use your mouse to swap the gem.

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