Ouch Finger


Ouch Finger GamePlay:

Can you move your finger fast enough to avoid losing a finger in Ouch Finger? This can be one of the most intense and fun games for the players who love the challenges. Sign up for the competition and have fun at http://m.friv.land! What do you need to do? There will be multiple moving sharp objects and wheels around the map. Your job is to protect your precious finger by moving the white dots back and forth using your flexibility.

If you want to gain a higher score, you need to put up with the risk while collecting all the stars on the road. The best features of this Friv online game must be the updates which you can buy from the store. While the Finger Shield can create a shield to protect your finger from bleeding, the Slow Motion will slow down the object movements to help you find the path easier. With Double Stars, players can spawn the stars faster. Lastly, Double Points will simply multiply your score and generate larger multipliers.

Moreover, the game has such a soothing background color and smooth transitions. Don't be discouraged if you fail at first! Keep on trying and you will be able to win the game in no time! The fun will never end with countless series of adventures that you can explore in the games like  Ben10 The Water World and Kid Vs Santa

Enjoy the satisfaction of slipping through the small gaps!

How to play: move the white dot using your left mouse.

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