Pacrat GamePlay:

Pacrat is a mouse and cat version of the famous Pac-Man about a starving mouse who wants to eat cheese but it’s being hunted by 3 cats. Here at Friv Land, your main goal is to help this mouse collect every piece of cheese and escape from these cats safely. There are 6 levels and you start with level 1. You need to meet some requirements to complete a level.

Firstly, you collect every piece of small cheese pieces and 4 cheese pieces. Secondly, play as a mouse and you have to protect yourself from 3 cats. They chase you so badly. 6 levels that increase the difficulty level. Each stage brings you to a maze. You will see the cheese pieces are placed along every street in the maze. Follow the paths and eat every piece of cheese to satisfy your hungry stomach. However, you have to choose the right path because you may be blocked by 3 cats. Choose the path that 3 cats are staying away from you.

On, you have a power-up which is 3 big pieces of cheese. Eat each of them and you will turn into a super mouse who can attack those nasty cats. When each cat gets attacked, they will be disabled for a short time. You should take advantage of that time to eat cheese before they turn into normal.

However, you should save these big pieces of cheese. Don’t eat all of them in a short time. When you get caught by any cats, you lose your life but don’t worry. You have 3 lives on each level. Once you die, you respawn and keep your adventure going. Enjoy! Check out other choices for free such as Snail Bob 7 and Babel Tower.

How to play:

Use arrow keys to control the mouse.

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