Perfect Snipe Online


Perfect Snipe Online GamePlay:

Get ready with your gun and start your mission. You have to kill somebody in that mission. You are hired by a mysterious person and you should complete it as soon as possible. Perfect Sniper Online is a fun cartoon shooting game. Like other games of the same genre at Friv Land, you have to shoot down all enemies. Your targets won’t shoot back but they stand far from you. So it’s not easy to kill them.

Besides, you just have a certain number of bullets in each level. If you miss any shots and you run out of bullets, you lose and you have to start once again. You will see some tiny golden keys. Shoot at them to collect them. These keys play as the in-game currency. You use those keys to unlock new weapons. The new guns are better in some stats such as shooting range and so on. If you don’t have enough bullets to collect keys and kill enemies at the same time, don’t worry. You can shoot at the keys first and play that level once again to shoot down your enemies.

On, this is a great trick to reach your goal as well as unlock new guns. Each level is a challenge, then you have 22 levels to finish. Show off your shooting skills and spread your reputation as one of the best snipers across the world. As you know no game has the same level of difficulty from the first level to the final one, this game is no exception.

Get ready all the time because you will deal with more challenging missions later. Enjoy your work and don’t forget to get entertained with some other choices of games such as Zombie Madness and The Wisp.


Use your left mouse to aim and release your left mouse to shoot.

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