Pet Hop


Pet Hop GamePlay:

Even people find it hard to cross the road, especially in rush hour, then animals may find it much harder. Pet Hop is a fun endless hopping game in which you need to help a rabbit cross an unlimited number of roads. At Friv Land, your ultimate goal is to get the highest point. There is only one endless level, then keep hopping until you can’t. It’s all about timing. You have to wait until cars pass, then you quickly hop forward. You not only have to cross the road but also the river.

To cross the river, you need to wait for a lily pad or something like that to appear. You can’t stand on the lily pad for too long because it flows away. The roads with one lane are the easiest challenge and the roads with a variety of lanes are the most challenging because cars will come from both right and left directions.

On, you have only one life each time you play and the game doesn’t offer any special items for you to collect and boost your score. Take action slowly but steadily is the best tip you should keep in your mind. Sometimes, doing fast can rescue you from dangerous situations but sometimes, it pushes you to dangers. Depend on the current situation, you change your strategy accordingly. The only item that is there for you to collect is coins. Coins are used to unlock new pets in the store.

Besides a rabbit, you will help a panda, tiger, or chicken as well. Have a nice day with these cute pets and make sure you explore other games such as Foody Avenue and Sneaky James

Instructions: Arrow keys to play.

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