Pipe Mania


Pipe Mania GamePlay:

An addictive puzzle game is available at friv Games online waiting for all puzzle lovers. Simple to play but hard to master, Pipe Mania - the best water pipe game out there is really worth for you to spend time playing. Your ultimate is to connect all pipes in each level to make water flow. Don’t waste water. You connect the pipes by tapping or using your mouse to turn each pipe in order to make them become a complete pipeline.

Then, you can turn on the switch to make water flow. It sounds pretty easy, but you have only 9 seconds to finish your job. After 9 seconds, the water automatically run. As you level up, the game becomes more difficult. There are many pipes waiting for you to connect with each other. You not only have to take action fastly but also observe carefully to find out the best way to solve the puzzle.

If just rotate pipes randomly without thinking, you waste your time and fail. Rotate pipes, connect them and make water paths - following these steps and all levels will be solved on http://m.friv.land. Make sure you open the valve to keep water running in order to complete the current level and move to the next stages.

With this fun game, you will both train your brain and have a great relaxing moment at the same time. So don’t hesitate anymore. Construct water paths in all level in the shortest of time to set a record. Enjoy! Discover more puzzle games such as Flow Free Online and Tap Skaters Online.

How to play: Tap or use your mouse to rotate pipes and open the valve.

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