Pixelkenstein Merry Merry Christmas


Pixelkenstein Merry Merry Christmas GamePlay:

Pixelkenstein will dress up as Santa on Christmas this year. He is looking for this special event where he can give gifts to people around him. However, Christmas presents are scattered everywhere. Let's help them collect and gather them in Pixelkenstein Merry Merry Christmas at Friv Land. This is a great game for normal days and Christmas day and it suits all ages, even for kids.

Here, you play as Pixelkenstein Santa and you have to collect all presents in each level and reach the exit to unlock new stages. It's not an easy task because you have to go through so many obstacles and as you level up, your mission becomes much harder. You have only 1 minute to complete each level and at each level, you can try as many times as you want. It means if you die 10 times, it’s ok, you can keep trying until you reach the exit as soon as you still have time.

On https://m.friv.land/, there is no power-up item or coin at all. You just need to collect every single present on the way. Just jump over the gaps, collect presents, and put your foot in the exit. That’s it. Frankenstein is a famous character in Halloween but when Christmas comes, he turns into Santa Claus and he loves to give presents to people instead of scaring them. For that reason, there is no point in not helping him. Christmas games are on the way. They will arrive at our site regularly.

So make sure you come back and discover new games whenever you have free time. Nothing better than playing some great games with a Christmas theme on Christmas. Some of the best options for you are Krismas Tiles and Adam and Eve Snow.


WASD or Arrow keys to move and Shift to speed up.

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