Princess Elsa Teacher’s Day


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Everyone knows that Elsa is the queen of Arendelle, but they don’t know Elsa is also a teacher whom many lovely students love. Today is a special day. Can you guess what it is? It’s the Teacher’s Day. Students at school want to prepare some gifts for Elsa. Are you willing to help them? Which kinds of gift do you think it suits the best for this day? At friv free girls game, a flower boutique and a cake is a great idea. It’s more special when her student did it themselves. In Princess Elsa Teacher’s Day, let’s give them your helping hand on preparing a meaningful day for Elsa.

The game includes 3 parts which are Make Cake, Prepare Flower, and Dressup. In Make Cake, you bake a cake and decorate it at your disposal. First of all, you mix every ingredient in a big bowl including cake powder, sugar, milk, yeast, vanilla extract, and an egg. You mix until you get a smooth mixture using your hand mixer. Then, you pour this mixture into a round mold and put it into the oven. After it’s cooked, let’s it cool down for a while, then you decorate with cream, frosting, and topping. There are several choices for you to choose from on

The next part is to prepare the flower. You choose Elsa favorite flower and the wrapping paper, decorate it a nice now. Besides preparing gifts, you also help Elsa dress up. Choose the best outfit for this special day. It must make Elsa more beautiful while being appropriate for the school context. Happy Teacher’s Day! Princesses And Olaf’s Winter Style and Princess College Graduation Ball are two of the best games that you should play on our site.

Instructions: Prepare gift and dress up by using your mouse.

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