Princesses Fairies Dress


Princesses Fairies Dress GamePlay:

Elsa, Anna, and Moana are three beautiful princesses at friv land and they usually hang out together. All of them like the fairy concept very much, therefore, today they want to have a fairy style show but none of them is good at picking out the outfits. Can you help them?

This is a fun fashion game at for fashion lovers to show their personal style and the ability to create outfits with fairy concept. Three princesses have different body shapes and facial features, therefore, it's crucial to choose wisely and find the most suitable outfits for them. There are three kinds of fairy dress for you to choose from: fire fairy, forest fairy, and sea fairy. Can you show us each style? For example, the fire fairy should have a red dress with red accessories to enhance the fire element, while these items should be in green for the forest fairy and be in blue for the sea fairy.

Spread your imagination and create the best outfits. Remember that you can replay the game many times so it's fine if you are not satisfied with your design. Just simply reload the friv online game page and start again from the beginning.

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How to play:

Choose the outfits by dragging and clicking the mouse.

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