Rage Road Online


Rage Road Online GamePlay:

Rage Road Online promises to bring to you the best gaming time like other choices of games on Friv Land offers. It has unique gameplay that combines race and shooting elements to give you a special experience filled with action and thrills. It presents in the way your enemies are chasing you and in the way you escape from them and attacks them. The reason why you are being chased is a mystery. You don't have to find the answer.

Instead, just pay attention to how you can stop them and defeat them. Here, you have to kill all enemies behind your back while driving. You have 5 ammo each time and your weapon is automatically reloaded. However, you just have 2 lives at each level. So, to protect your precious life, you have to be quicker than your enemies. If they shoot you first, the chance of you dying is very high.

At https://m.friv.land/, only by killing all enemies in the current level, you can unlock the next one. You earn money with each kill and use the money to buy upgrades and unlock hat costumes. Each hat will increase your abilities and make you stronger. Don’t forget to buy them whenever you can. This game is insanely challenging and you may fail several times before you can complete that level. To help you, the game offers some special items but you have to collect them by shooting at them. Can you deal with the hailstorm of bullets from your enemies?

Have a great time and try your best to survive. Besides, many games are available on our site that you shouldn’t miss such as Racerking and City Car Stunt 4. Check them out.


Mouse to aim and shoot.

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