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100 challenging and exciting levels are waiting for you to unlock in an addicting game at called Reach The Top: Colors Game. What you have to do here is to help a green ball reach the top. Just bounce your way through platforms and obstacles to the top of each level. While bouncing, the green ball will face so many dangers such as spikes, breakable platforms, and so on. If it falls, you lose. A level is considered complete when the ball reaches a giant star at the top.

It sounds simple when you just need to lead the green ball to the top but no, it’s much more challenging than you thought. One of the main reasons is that the ball can go through from side to side. It will make you confused sometimes. Besides, watch out for orange platforms because they are breakable ones. With only one touch, it will disappear; therefore, you have to make use of those platforms.

Otherwise, it breaks and you can't climb up without it. This Frivcom game offers some power-ups that give the ball awesome advantages such as shields to protect the ball from dangers or boosters to make the ball fly straight to the top and so on. Make use of those items and nothing difficult to complete the mission. The difficulty is not the same in all 100 levels. It will increase significantly as you advance.

This makes the game always interesting and each level is an unforgettable experience. On our site, you always find something enjoyable to play, and here are our recommendations for you: Head Puzzle Shooter and Shiba Rescue : Dogs and Puppies

Instructions: Mouse.

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