Red Ball Ho


Red Ball Ho GamePlay:

Red Ball Ho is another adventure game that you can play for free anytime you want at friv best Games along with a wide selection of games there. As its name, our main character is a red ball who is adventuring but it needs a company because it can’t deal with all dangers by itself. Then, you are here to help this ball. Just do what you need to do to help it open the door and stay safe.

There are 8 levels and each level requires you to collect a specific number of keys. You need those keys. Without keys, you can’t unlock the door and move to the next level. In your adventure, you will meet a green ball. It’s not your friend; therefore, don’t approach it. Instead, just jump over every green ball you meet to keep your life safe. You can’t kill those green balls by all means, even jump on them.

You have 2 lives on each level and you can’t get more lives by collecting any items during your adventure. 8 levels seem to be short compared to other adventure games at but with the difficulty increases as you advance, you can’t conquer 8 levels in the shortest of time. It will take much more time to finish the game than you thought. You have a special ability. It’s called Double Jump. If you can make use of it and do it at the right moment, you can pass all obstacles and nothing can stop you.

It’s a simple 2D platform game but it will bring you joy in your free time. Have a great moment and spend your spare time on other cool games such as PullyWog and Huggy Wuggy!

How to play: WASD or Arrow keys.

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