Red Us 2


Red Us 2 GamePlay:

Red Us 2 is the second installment of a fun adventure series called Red Us. Like the previous version, the Red impostor keeps running and jumping around. If you haven’t played the first installment of this series, you can find it at friv free online juegos. Of course, you don’t have to conquer the first game in the series to be able to play the second one. They are two separate games.

Your main objective is once again to reach the flag at the end of each level without falling into the bottomless gaps or touching any enemies out there. It’s both easy and challenging when it comes to finishing this mission because it’s easy to overdo what you are doing. Red impostor relies on you in this exciting journey. With only one life, are you able to reach your goal at each level? Do what you need to do and have to do to achieve that goal at all costs.

Here at, when dealing with enemies, have only way to kill jump is to jump on their heads. Do not directly touch them. Otherwise, you’re dead. You don’t have any weapons to attack them from afar. You can leave them alone by jumping over them overland on their heads to kill them. Besides the enemy, the thing you see the most in your journey is the gold coins. You can collect every single coin or not, it doesn’t matter.

Coins aren’t used to purchase anything in this game but if you don’t want to leave anything behind, pick up coins and bring them to the exit. Enjoy this game and other games such as Aloo 2 and Rinos Quest 2.

Instructions: WASD or arrow keys.

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