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Rodeo Stampede GamePlay:

Are you ready for the new challenge? Rodeo Stampede is here to challenge you with a new mission which is to start, manage and expand a zoo of your own. At Friv Land, you have to do everything by yourself. Unlike other simulator games about managing the zoo that give you different kinds of animals or you can collect them by completing some missions.

Here, you have to go to the wild and catch animals with a lasso. Catch them and tame them are what you have to do to have new animals for your zoo. The more animals you have, the more visitors come and it means the more money you get. However, it’s not easy to tame a wild animal. Grab the lasso on the animal’s head and wait for a short time. They are tamed.

On, with money you get from your visitors, you can buy decoration items and upgrades for your zoo. This helps you raise the popularity level of your zoo. You also have a lot of things to do. The game offers several missions and if you finish them, you will earn some bonuses. Besides, don’t just catch the same animals. Let’s look for the new ones and bring them to your zoo. New animals will attract visitors to come. This is not a game you can play once and finish. You need to go through a multistage process to develop a zoo and it doesn't have a real end. You’ll always advance.

Have a good start and become a tycoon with the greatest achievement ever. Enjoy and don’t forget to explore other games such as Among Us Red Imposter and Mixed World

How to play:

Mouse to tame animals and manage the zoo.

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