Rolling Domino Smash


Rolling Domino Smash GamePlay:

Normally, if you want to witness the domino effect, you have to place hundreds or thousands of domino pieces. However, come to Rolling Domino Smash, you don’t have to waste time to do it. At free online Games friv, all you need to do is to roll the ball to the first domino piece to make other pieces fall. It may easy at first because you can succeed at the first try but as you level up, there are many obstacles block the rolling path of the ball.

It tests your skills in terms of finding the best solution to hit the ball to the first domino piece. It must be the first piece. With other pieces, you can make all blocks fall and that is your main objective here. It means that all blocks fall allow you to move to the next level. Luckily, if you see an obstacle block your way, you can make the ball hit the wall and the ball will bounce off and hit the first piece. This is all up to you.

You must adjust the direction of the ball. Make sure the ball meets the first domino piece. On, it’s hard but enjoyable. You will love to see all the block fall. It gives you a satisfying feeling, especially more domino pieces appear in the later levels. It even boosts that feeling more. If you fail, you just play the current level once again instead of starting from the first level.

So, failure won’t affect much in your gaming experience. It’s easy to pick up but hard to play. How can you finish them all? Enjoy! Make sure you try other options such as Where Is My Ruffed Bird and Greedy Rabbit 2.

How to play:

Roll the ball by using your mouse.

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