Slime Matching


Slime Matching GamePlay:

Slime Matching is another simple-to-play but hard-to-master game at friv land in which your reaction will be tested. It’s a matching game but it’s not a matching-3 puzzle game. Instead, you will match the color of the object in the center of the screen with the objects approaching it. You can see an object placed in the center of the screen and some objects fly to it.

All you need to do is to change the color of the object in the center to make it match the color of each upcoming object. Try your best to match the colors as quickly and accurately as you can. With each success, you earn one point. With only one unmatch, you have to restart the game. In the beginning, everything seems to be simple because not many objects come to the centered object. Besides, their flying speed is not too fast.

Then, you can handle it. However, as time flies, you will find it harder and harder. Why? Because like other games at, its challenging level increases as you progress. Here, the flying speed of the objects increases and more of them appear at the same time. If you’re not fast enough, you will fail to match their colors.

Speed only increases but not decreases. That’s why it’s not easy to get a high score. Especially, you have only one chance each time you play the game. There is no special item that helps you respawn or make the flying speed of the objects slower. Good luck. And you know what? There are tons of exciting games waiting for you on our site. Some of them are Bubble Truck and Color Cannon. Enjoy!

Controls: Mouse.

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