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Who will own the longest snake in the world in at friv game 2018? It completely could be you! Hurry up! Join and defeat all other players in the match.    


If you feel too bored with one-player games, great! – an awesome multiplayer game  at friv Games for free will bring you a new feeling in life. What is your mission? Don’t worry! Because you will only have two main tasks in the match.


Your first task is to control the snake with different colors (You can choose the color of the snake in the game) to move wisely and eat as many colored balls as possible. Why do you have to eat these balls? Simply because it will help your snake increase the size and power in the battle.


The second and final task for you is that you must avoid being killed by other snakes or actively attack them to become the biggest snake in battle. However, don’t rush to attack other opponents, instead you should focus on collecting the colored balls to get bigger. Here is a list of multiplayer games if you want to experience more with this game genre. Check out



Use arrows or WASD to move

Space to boost.

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