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Special Wars is a cool shooting game which leads you to a bloody clash at Friv.land. You won’t regret to take part in the warfare and fight for your life. Special Wars online game of friv games 100 attracts so many players from everywhere. Show off your remarkable skills. Winging it! Rule the skirmish!
The Special Wars for free is an action shooting multiplayer game. You begin as a guest or sign up to play. Select your nearest region among area North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. Choose an available room or create a new one to enter. Then pick a player class you want. You can be an assault, engineer, recon or supporter in friv games 100 online.
No team is built in the game. Your task is to fight against all other players. You move around the military base, use your weapon to kill enemies. Avoid being killed by them. You shoot rivals as soon as you see them. Sometimes you have to hide behind objects so that strong enemies don’t find you on friv games 100 for free. You must be careful if you don’t want to be murdered. Enemies attack continuously and you have to react quickly.

Each room has a separate time to finish a confrontation. If another player takes your life, you will die. You are reloaded to fight in a new scene. You will fight until the duration ends. Make use of your time and kill opponents as many as possible at friv games 100 com. Your data including ranking, kills, deaths, wins, and losses will be shown after the match ends or you quit it. You can define your place by a small map on the screen. It’s useful to move and realize other players’ position. Are you ready to conquer the war? We have a Leaderboard showing players’ rank and information.
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Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

Use W A S D keys or arrows to move.

Use Space to jump.

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