Squid Dentist Game


Squid Dentist Game GamePlay:

Squid Dentist Game is a fun game for everyone. Kids can play as well. It’s about Squid Game and dentist. Here at https://m.friv.land/, you play the role of a dentist who is in charge of caring for the oral health of Squid Game characters. Each character has some problems to be solved and they need your help. There are 6 characters in total and you have to find all problems that each character has.

Then diagnose and treat problems with their teeth such as removing tooth decay, filling cavities, and so on. Use different tools to treat different problems with each Squid Game character’s teeth. Your job is to bring back for each character healthy teeth. Use the red tool to remove the black damages, the green tool to remove the green damages, the yellow tool to remove the yellow damages, and the orange tool to remove the orange damages.

Use a spray bottle to spray water into the mouth. Use the purple tool to suck water from the patients’ mouth. Use a magnifying glass to zoom in on the details inside their mouth. This Friv Land game gives you everything you need to maintain the oral health of each patient and you have to make sure they don’t have any problem after leaving your clinic.

This is one of the latest games for kids and through this game, kids will learn about many important duties that a dentist does from diagnosing oral diseases to filling cavities, giving advice, and so on. Transform into a dentist and help all patients with oral issues. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Rainbow Girls Christmas Outfits and Princess Escape.

Instructions: Mouse to play.