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Elections are always very competitive. You are competing against a strong opponent in an election. Are you confident enough to win this election? It depends on your effort. Steal This Election is an exciting game for 2 players. Unlike other games for 2 players at free Games friv in which you can control both characters, here, to enjoy this game fully, you should invite one of your friends or family members to play it with you. You and your opponent are in balance.

To win, you have to cover the bar at the top of the screen with your color. A car will bring votes and throw all the votes on the ground. What you need to do is to take your votes and bring those votes to the machines. Do it as fast as you can. You have to bring more votes to the machine than your opponent. There is no time-limited. Once the bar is filled with your color, you win. This is a fierce competition and whoever is faster wins. In addition, to win, you also need a strategy.

It's not like strategizing in strategy games that you have played at It’s about pranking your opponent. While bringing your votes to the machine, you can take a moment to throw your opponent's votes over the fence. The car will return incoming votes in batches and if you have collected all your votes, you can start throwing the votes of your opponent away. Your hand’s speed decides your victory.

Have fun with your friends and make sure you explore our game collections. New games are coming, therefore, visit our website daily to enjoy the latest additions. Here are two games that are worth your time: Impostor Station and Tanuki Sunset.

Controls: Play 1 uses WASD and player 2 uses arrow keys.

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