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Stickman Archer Online 4 seems so magnificent at The game is a right choice for lovers of archery. You will turn addicted to Stickman Archer Online 4 free game of frivv because it is striking and beguiling. You shoot as a bowman and fight to protect yourself. Attempt to reach the best score.
Stickman Archer Online 4 game appears very easy to play. How about trying it out?

Nevertheless, it’s not totally true. Sometimes you even may find the game hard to be the winner. It is a single-player free online game. Do you desire to be an awesome archery master? In the game, you take a role of an archer fighting against a foe in frivv player games. Shoot well to take the life of your rival away. Make use of the shooting line to shoot exactly.
You are equipped with a bow and many arrows. They are your pieces of equipment. The battleground is a green field. You and the foes stand on 2 bases floating in the air. 2 sides send waves of attack to each other by shooting arrows. Each archer has a health bar showing your lives. After you are injured 2 times, you will die on frivv for free. As soon as you get a headshot, you will lose your life immediately. So do your rivals.
Your base’s position can’t change while the opposing bases can move and alter position and height. That is very challenging because you suffer from disadvantages.  You are put in deadly situations. Plenty of bonuses such as bubbles of shields, bottles of magic water, and flames fall down from the sky.  When you shoot them successfully, you own them. Bubbles protect you from enemy’s attack once at frivv online games. When the foes shoot the bubbles, they disappear. If you shoot flames, your arrows will contain the fire. If any archers die, they will vanish and a gravestone turns up. Your rivals probably respawn, but you can’t. We give you a point after you kill an enemy. When you are murdered and the game ends, your existing score and best score are shown on the display. Replay to begin a new battle.
If you are attached to this shooting game, send your feedback to us. Rate and share it with your friends. Don’t forget to discover other cool games like Stickman Archer 3, Stickman Archery King Online, and Ben 10 Super Archer from Have a nice time!
Controls: Click the mouse to shoot the arrows.

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