Stickman Dash


Stickman Dash GamePlay:

Stickman Dash is a cool action-packed assassin game where you play as a high-class ninja. Your organization sends you to the foundation of enemies. Here at Friv Land, you have to kill every single enemy along the way, from the first floor to the top of that building. What you have to do is to aim and dash in the right direction to approach each enemy and attack. The awesome thing about this game is that it has a simple control mechanism. You don’t have to use many buttons to take action.

Just like you use a slingshot, you adjust the angle to send your character to the target destination. If your character comes close enough to the enemy, he will automatically attack. In each stage, you deal with several enemies. Enemies holding a flashlight move around and if they spot you, they will shoot you right away and you don’t have any chance to dodge.

On, if you see the red light, it’s better to hide and wait. Your enemies use a gun while you use a sword. They can kill you from afar but you have to come close to them to kill them. So, compared to them, you are at a disadvantage. However, you can take advantage of the bounce of the wall to dodge enemies and attack them. By killing all enemies on the current floor, you move to the next floor and step by step achieve the goal.

Like other games, it’s harder to complete each level as you advance but you will succeed. Enjoy your time here and don’t forget to check out other games such as Mr Dracula and Neon Invaders.


Dash by using your mouse.

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